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abampere n : a unit of current equal to 10 amperes [syn: abamp]

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  1. Unit of electrical current in electromagnetic and Gaussian cgs systems of units, equal to 10 amperes in SI units.

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The abampere (aA) is the basic electromagnetic unit of electric current in the centimetre gram second system of units. One abampere is equal to ten amperes in the SI system of units. An abampere of current flowing in a circular path of one centimeter radius produces a magnetic field of 2 π oersteds at the center of the circle.
The other units in this system related to the abampere are:
  • abcoulomb -- the charge that passes in one second through any cross section of a conductor carrying a steady current of one abampere
  • abhenry -- the self-inductance of a circuit or the mutual inductance of two circuits in which the variation of current at the rate of one abampere per second results in an induced electromotive force of one abvolt
  • abohm -- the resistance of a conductor that, with a constant current of one abampere flowing through it, maintains between its terminals a potential difference of one abvolt


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